I invited my family over
For rigatoni meatballs and sausage on Sunday,

I’m a bachelor
And sometimes I think they think
I’m this guy from outer space
Who has no contact with the real world,
They’re even a little scared of me,
Little do they know
I spend my life refining
My vision of the real world,

They’re not thrilled about my poetry,

Anyway, I use my mother’s recipe for the sauce.
She wasn’t Italian, but she cooked
Better than one,
And she made sure I knew how
Before she left,
She didn’t give me a recipe,
She instructed me,
She had 3 boys,
I know she wished I had been a girl,
And I’m the only one that knows how now,

I also made a great ice cream sundae for them.
I don’t mess around.
I use Trader Joe’s vanilla,
I heat the hot chocolate in a pan
I use organic cream,
I use sprinkles,
All with a maraschino cherry on the top,

It’s the least I can do.

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