Scraps From The Master’s Table


Scraps From The Master’s Table

My mother Mary is broken hearted
Because many of the “chosen one’s”
Do not recognize her son
As the Messiah,
Yet they are still the “chosen ones”,
That’s why Jews, even in a relatively small number,
Excel in finance, the arts, charities,
And many creative, intellectual and humanistic pursuits,

But even God’s “chosen ones” can miss the boat,

Many call themselves “Secular Jews”.
What’s that? Some type of popular, new form
Of a mystical oxymoron?
Yet, even secular Jews are God’s chosen people,
And have special blessings from the One
Who keeps His promises,

Orthodox Jews are trained to deny or ignore Jesus
As an equal to the Father,
But those who have opened their hearts
To their own history
Can’t help but be broken down
By the humble power
That is the beloved Nazarene,
Born in Bethlehem,
Their brother, in spirit and in blood,

Jesus was fully human
And fully God, simultaneously,
By his death and resurrection he rewards those who believe in him
And keep the commandments
With Eternal life,
In which case there is a New Covenant, a New Testament;
A Covenant and Testament that includes both the “chosen ones”,
Including the Gentiles.
And the Gentiles are no longer dogs
Waiting for the scraps from the Master’s table,
But co-heirs to Eternal Life…

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