Anima & Animus


Anima & Animus

I’m not always a great shot,
Not to mention I’m a loose canon,
So, please keep in mind,
That anything that flies over your head,
Or misses you on a grand scale, wildly,
Or hits some other girl
Was always meant for your heart,

Our mental tentacles
Reach out like endless trees intertwined
And reaching for tomorrow;
An unending unquenchable forest
To grasp the ungraspable,

Or we mystify the rose
And choose the art of love,
In the ever fleeting jungle
Where our silence met,
Reach up to grab a scrap of time and space,
Make foolish admonitions to the stars!
In the indelible conviction
That we’ve been designed
Anima and animus,

In the brilliance of each other.

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