I want a hard body
And be admired for it,

I want an abdomen of stone,

With sweat that formulates in beads but doesn’t run,

I want a thin, perfect, masculine shape
That all admire and long for, bronze
Like the noon-day sun,

I want the girls to swoon beneath my great golden frame,
And thick hair to stick up from my head like a rooster,
I want a rock hard cock filled with brown cum;
An ojas can satisfy the depth of any woman,

I want to be potent, virile and unyielding
I want lots of money too!

Who thinks of the coffin when it is time to perform?
Only the unlucky,

Who thinks of the holy spirit
When we have so many materialistic functions we’re responsible for?
Only the misguided,

I want to be brutal, selfish, and domineering
And have women complain about me
But long for me in their secret heart,

But the sky is kind of like a gateway
And the wind whispers its fragrance
Well beyond the fifth fiery heaven,
On the second plane of involution,

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