The Captain Always Charges Admission


The Captain Always Charges Admission

So you’ve contacted alien intelligence
And intermingled your consciousness
With transdimensional souls,

So you’ve seen the thousand petal lotus open
And blaze brighter than a thousand merging suns
From the light tower of your pineal’s throne,

So you’ve become one
With nature and the universe,

So you’ve laughed at the precision
And immensity and the wonder and the beauty of it all,

So you’ve made contact with a Master on the third plane
Who told you secrets you should not know,

So you made love with God
Or at least, what else was it?

So what now? Most of us are not prepared
For all of this,

In most cases, its better that you pray in monotony
And serve in humility,
Even to the point of becoming a severe penitent,
Than chase the wily dragon of God realization
Through corybantic, semi-enlightenment allies,

Once the plant devas have taught you their secrets,
They’re done with you,
They’ve done their job
And you must fend for yourself,
Which can be quite disconcerting,

It takes the control of an well trained mind
To whip the centipede of the expanded mind into obeisance,

You might get lucky and win
The mind expansion lottery
By mistake, you could fall
Forcing the kundalini at the base of your spine
To erupt at your crown chakra,

It’s happened,

Lines of Shamans have spent centuries, if not eons, in abstinence
And religious preparation
In order to develop methodology to use unknown matinees of the mind
To traverse the inner realms,
But even this is strewn with pitfalls
And sometimes terror,
As scurrying through eleven multidimensional mazes,
Or slaving feverishly
On “not quite understandable” alien technology
For what seems like thousands of years,
Is not what was envisioned
When the officials began administering the program,

The Captain always charges admission,
It’s impolite and unproductive
To show up at the gate empty handed,
If you don’t have the spiritual cash,
The price might something otherwise
Which we’re working to avoid.

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