The Deluxe Reverie Of Problem Solving


The Deluxe Reverie Of Problem Solving

It’s obvious to me,
And I might be wrong;
I’m saying I might be wrong
Because I’ve been wrong before,
But that doesn’t mean I think I’m wrong now,
Especially in the following case:

That the person or people
Who wrote the instructions
For putting this mail order
Kitchen island together,
Never actually put it together themselves,
If they had,
They would have,
For humanity’s sake,
Put in a couple
Of the crucial 3-8 word clues,
That would have contributed greatly
To a frustration free construction process,

The instructions,
That the ”instruction person” wrote,
Said it would take
An hour or so to put together,

It took me an hour and a half
Just to unpack the jigsaw puzzle
Of mail order furniture,
It took me six days,
(Granted mostly in meditation
And the deluxe reverie
Of problem solving),

Two unfortunate reconstructions,

Two trips to the hardware store,
And countless swear words,
To achieve what everybody else
Can apparently do in one hour.

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