Tenderness Refined


I resent being studied,
They thought everything was in place,
They thought everything was figured out,
They had it down pat,
They examined the crown chakra,
They exhumed me,
I hung out around my body,
Said good-bye to all my friends,

In the background there is chatter,
They whisper about us,
They take names,
They have small notebooks, short stumpy pencils
With used erasers, charts and clipboards,
They jot things down,
Like cats, they’re drawn to action,

They use silent, hidden cameras,
And several heretofore
Undiscovered recording mechanisms,
They move in time, arriving unannounced, always,
Waiting for one false move,
Still as the furniture, still as the light,

Because your moon is in your diamond now,
Because the moon is falling off the waterfall
Of the blue pineal,
Because you’re a bad ass,
And bad asses don’t require tenderness,
(They require fire)
Because you see tenderness as weakness,
Because, unlike kindness,
Tenderness expects a response,
Because tenderness is known to show up wearing
The same seductive mini-skirt as abuse,

Love can get dirty fast,
There’s a time for passion,
Like tenderness to a black widow,
She’s not in the mood,
She needs the right place;
The right time, the right friend,
For tenderness to become the miracle
It exists for,

Nothing is less under control than the human heart,
Now what?

I lost you
They asked me what I’d been sent for,
Jotted it down,
They asked me what I
Did to help others?
Jotted it down,
They required information
About the universe,
They told me the story of our karma, of our love,

They didn’t think I’d trust the judgement,
But it’s what tethers every photon in the galaxy.

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