Now called reconciliation,
A worse name,
A PC name,

I’m a smart ass,
I’m in a bad mood,
So I go in and confess my embarrassing
Sins of masturbation,
A violation of my love for GOD,
A selfishness, a habit,
A bondage, you’d never think,
A violation of the first commandment,
“I am the lord your GOD,
Don’t make anything else
Or anyone else
Your God but me,
Because I am a jealous GOD,”

So I confessed them
Like many times before,
And this particular priest,
Who I’ve confessed to before,
Always asks the question,
“Are you sorry.”
And usually I say very meekly,
“Yes I am,”
But this time I said,
“What do you think I’m here for,
My health?”
And he said,
“Well, I have to ask.”

I was a a little ashamed of myself
For that,
These priests get a bad rap,
For the sake of a few perverts,
Their all stereotyped,
So I had to ask GOD for forgiveness again,
This time on my own,

Confession is mostly ridiculed by our society,
But it’s a great way to remember you’re a sinner,

Give priests a break,
Some of them are saints,
And most of them are trying to be,

How would you like to sit in
A small dark room for 6 hours
Listening to everybody’s shit?

It’s worse than a Psychiatrist,
Only you don’t get the big bucks,
A land where the only super power
Is love.

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