The Prime Mover


The Prime Mover

There is but one God, truth is his name,
Creative is his personality, immortal his form,
Says the Prime Mover,
Yet monotheism was born
First from Zoroastrianism, then Aristotle, Judaism, Christianity,
Islam, Sikhism, Meher Baba, and on and on.
Without monotheism we would still be worshipping the wind and calves forged in gold,
We would not recognize the Creator as One God.

Religion is merely a tool to peel back the veils of the Beloved.
We cannot go religionless without first knowing what religion truly is,
Experiencing its depth,

We can’t be content with mere intellectual knowledge
By focusing on the failures and shortcomings of others,
We must burn in the fundamental fire of religion
Before we can legitimately break free of it,

We perpetually point out all of religion’s failures
And somehow ignore all the successes enacted daily before our eyes.
Religion is the warp and woof of our current civilization,
However flawed
And does much more good
Than it does harm,
The things it’s detractors would like to condemn it for,

In our current culture,
We seem to give more respect to politics and government
Prestige, wealth and power
Than the tools that offer eternal life,
Love the transient, hate the everlasting,

Before we can ever live lawlessly
And at the same time win God’s acceptance,
We must first fathom the importance of true obedience,
And how living in true obedience opens the doorway to true humility,
And how true humility
Is the conqueror of true love.

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