The Greatest Poverty


The Greatest Poverty

Blessed are the poor
Is not a mere appeasement,

Without the clutter of thinking
About what you should or can do
With what you have,
It is easier to see how poverty is power,

To be a the holy synaptic wine
Of infinite treasure,
Is the real happiness of the human soul,

Misery is born from not being able to give,
Not from not having,

Poverty of the heart is not being able to love
Poverty of the soul is not being able to have faith
Poverty of the mind is to go through life without understanding,

These are the real poor,

A poor soul being given a morsel of food
Comes to understand love, faith and wisdom,

Those who lobby for laws
Increasing profits for the rich
At the expense of stealing what little the poor have,
And at the expense of robbing food from the hungry,
Will be subject to the judgement of God
And not one scintilla of corruption will be forgiven,

Those who have substituted banks for churches
And dream only of the almighty dollar,
Having their hearts turned to stone,
And their souls to self-hatred,
Who never have an iota of compassion,
Will be buffeted severely by the Beloved
And will be treated with the same harshness
That they have treated those who they have scorned,

Those who point fingers
And blame the unfortunate
For their misfortune,
The hungry children for their hunger
The blind for their blindness
And the impoverished for their poverty
As an excuse to perpetuate their own selfishness and self-righteousness,
Will be shunned by God Himself
And be made to wallow in the venom
Of their own hardheartedness,

The World Bank is not the Kingdom of Heaven,
It is run with a red right hand,
True prosperity is in giving,
True love is in sacrifice,
True humility is in obedience,
The greatest poverty is when a child must die
So that the more fortunate may have more comfort,

Give now while there’s still a chance,
This is not all there is,
The world is a mere waylaid station,
In death, your bank account becomes empty,
Except for the beautiful spiritual rubies of giving
That you have earned along the way.

The sacrifices the prosperous and powerful
Fail to make today,
Become the sadnesses paid in blood
On the battlefields of tomorrow.

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