If I Were God


If I Were God

If I were God
Iʼd get rid of decay, aging and death.
Theyʼre interesting concepts, but not much fun.
Right now I have some tofu in the refrigerator thatʼs
In the process of decay.
Itʼs not the least like a flower or a beautiful day _
Itʼs got weird black spots on it;
A mold that Iʼm unfamiliar with,
Itʼs ugliness is in some odd way attractive.
Itʼs almost as if Iʼm afraid to throw it away
Because I need to see how much more ugly
It can get,

If I were God
I wouldn’t get mad at stupid humans
And punish them for doing bad things.
Iʼd just always make them do good things
Because Iʼm God.
Iʼd give them all paradise right away,
And pull back the veil to reveal the face of splendor,
Whether they deserve it or not,

If I were God
Iʼd get rid of cockroaches,
Negating their creepy, humanoid-like awareness,
Or at least make them lethargic –
The speed at which they scurry is quite repulsive.
If they were slow, clumsy and dumb,
It might be possible to love them,

If I were God
Iʼd put an end to broken hearts.
Itʼs a pretty nasty thing
That we all seem to be cursed with at one time or another.
Iʼd make love last forever,
Iʼd make everything perfect,
And each day a magnification of a another beautiful yesterday,

But Iʼm not God,
Though I’ve been told people are made in his likeness,
Although I’m an ant in comparison to a human
In understanding and compassion,
That’s why when someone says GOD does not exist
I usually ask, “How do you know?”
Heʼs way beyond our intellectual understanding of existence,
And I suppose, if he uses intellect at all,
He reasons that’s enough for now.

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