Stand Up To Beauty


Stand Up To Beauty

The are many layers
To the fine structure of beauty,

Lucifer was God’s most beautiful angel.
In fact, Lucifer’s beauty rivaled God’s
Making it almost understandable
That he become self absorbed in His own beauty,
Saying first surreptitiously, and then out in the open,
“Why should God alone be worshipped?
Look at me. Who , if anyone, dares
To fathom my incomprehensible radiance”?

And having bedazzled many other angels,
Devas, supernatural entities and factions
With his intense, penetrating beauty,
He yelled, fist raised, with a voice that echoes
Even to this day,


Having fallen deeply in love with himself
He denigrated his maker
And became Satan
King of the shadow world,
A kingdom made of a gnarled beauty, a beauty deviant with pride,
A contrived, artificial, fleeting beauty,
A mask of beauty, an aching, hungry beauty,
A caricatured mockery of eternal beauty,
Born in the evil that’s birth is in the defiance of God,
In devotion to evil,

And in an instant
A third of the stars were swept from the sky,

Now beauty can never be trusted again,
Beauty can now be deceitful and ugly,
It can make you sell your soul
If you’re not careful,
Knowing this
I’ve been caught several times running away from beauty,

If I were worth my salt
I’d stand up to beauty,
Even if the beauty is now a monster.

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