Adjustment # 811


Adjustment # 811

It’s hard,
But I guess I’m
Gonna have to get used to the idea
I’m not that handsome anymore,
Or maybe never was,

If I had to make sense of it
I’d have to say,
If you don’t know
If you’re handsome or not by now,
It’s likely you never were,
And any attraction you imagined
Was mostly delusional,

It’s tough to see the girls
Eyeballing other men, you know,
The way women do, discreetly,
While I’m standing right there,

I guess I’ll just have to give up
On that big dream I had
As far back as I can remember,
I’m older now, it’s awkward for everybody,
You know, dirty old man stage,
And stalker stage now –
I never knew there was one,

No way do I want to give up,
I want to keep fighting
That’s my nature
I’ll fight forever,

But lately, fighting
Just makes everything darker,

People say,
You have so many things,
Quit your bitchin’
And I think
I wish I had a tenth
Of what people seem to insist I have,
Then I’d be happy.

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