Shame ‘Em With Beauty

Shame ‘Em With Beauty

The Federal government has finally stepped
In to provide families
And the neighbors of families,
With free training
In how to spot unwanted tickling
And report it to the proper
CCS (Community Support Service) immediately,

Just last week,
An elderly man of 87,
Died when his granddaughter, Jennifer Tavernick,
Tickled him unrelentingly,
Her poor grandfather died laughing, literally,

She said, “He always liked it before.”

If convicted, a nonconsensual tickler,
Could see
A fine or imprisonment of up to $500 dollars,
Or up to 2 years in prison, or both,

When I think about it,
What the hell is a tickle, anyway?

Only one of the funnest things in life!

They’ll never tell you this, but;

If you want to stand up for women,
Stand up for unborn children,
Because that’s broken the heart of woman
More than anything else, it’s not even close,
Not to mention bad news with their medication,
All poison, fresh from a higher authority,
Very bad karma, and if you don’t think so,
Just watch,
And I could care less
About inflicting a guilt trip,
Men are just as responsible,
I’m almost certain
Human life should be cherished,
And if its already cherished,
Then cherished more,

I try to learn the rules,
But when it comes to making art,
I don’t want to learn the rules;
Let the rules learn me,

Hey Romeo!

If you can’t beat ’em,
Shame ’em with beauty.

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