His kindness
Has given us jewels to wear,

The great paradox is
That even with our jewel studded awareness,
We are perpetually made cognizant
Of our utter insignificance,

That even with our feats of heroism,
We mostly stumble at every turn
And are forced to flail around in the dust of time,

That even while wearing our impressive
Diamonds of love and tenderness,
We are constantly made aware
Of our penchant for cruelty,

That even with our capacity for Infinite Love,
We deny Him and defy Him at every step,
And are rarely deserving
Of His watershed of Mercy,

That even with all of our efforts, hopes and prayers for peace,
We still fall prey to hatred and war,

That even with our knowledge of the splendor of the tree of life,
We lean towards the tinsel and glamor of evil
That seduces and intoxicates,
Even as it destroys,

Sooner or later
We become tired of paradox after paradox,
And stop squirming under the fiery travail
Of phenomenological allurement,

Sooner or later
We extricate ourselves
From the wondrous push and pull of incarnation,
And learn
That our only hope is in surrender,
That our only freedom is in service,
That our only sustenance is in giving,
That our only beauty
Is in our ability to discern, and then do the will of God,
That our only joy
Is in sacrificing our prison world
For the freedom
Of His kingdom made manifest,

And that the greatest paradox of all
Is that animated stardust sprung from nothingness
May become heirs to the wonders of everything…

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