Gangster Rap


Gangster Rap

The GOD in me is special and please-in’
And I don’t need to have any reason
I’m all wound up in maximum overdrive
My heart is wild and filled with butterflies
When I got past all the bullshit and drama
I saw all her candles and added a comma,
I don’t really need to have any enemy
They all fall down when they see the truth in me
Jesus is there whenever you need him
It all depends on the way that you treat ’em
The colors fly by and it feels like telepathy
I guess that’s why they’re endlessly testin’ me
My head is a bead on the fingers of GOD
And now they all consider me odd
I’m in chains but I get out tomorrow
I’m tired of all this heartbreak and sorrow
When I walk by you see your destiny
You gotta look hard or you won’t get the rest of me
I rap these words but nobody listens
The girls stroll by while the gulf stream glistens.

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