Famous Grace

Grace Kelly_Monaco_1959

Famous Grace

My next door neighbors name
Is Grace Kelly,

She’s 86 years old,
But has a good motor,
Only 5 feet tall
She scoots around the building rather quickly,
Reminding me of a garden gnome I once saw,
That appears, disappears, and reappears
Spontaneously, as if by magic
In different parts of the garden,
At different times of the day,

Being 86 means
She was born in 1929,
She was Grace Kelly
Before being Grace Kelly was cool,

So I looked Grace Kelly up
In Wikipedia
And was quite surprised to learn
That the famous Grace Kelly
Was also born in 1929,

I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories
So now I’m wondering,
Could my next door neighbor
Be the real Grace Kelly after all, the famous one?

But I quickly sobered up, considering,
That other Grace Kelly, the famous one,
Not only did die, but had to die when she did,

Her kind of woman
Is a rare occurrence
In our modern day, feminist iculture,
Look what she did,
She gave up fame, threw away the one thing
All of our children now desperately long for,
She gave up autonomy as a strong, independent woman,
Of which all of our girl children are now groomed and indoctrinated for,
She gave up a chance to be a vanguard for women’s freedom and rights,
She gave up every modernist American ideal for women,
For what?
To be a wife and mother to her children?

How sad, she must have been stupid, or just a victim of her times.
She could have been the wife of any leading man she chose,
Maybe several of them,
She could have become a world famous lesbian,
She could have aborted her children
And become a PETA spokesperson for the world,
She could have been a turbo charged Marilyn Monroe on acid,
She could have been somebody!
Turning down the roll of Edie Doyle, subsequently played by Eva Marie Saint,
Opposite Marlon Brando,
In the Academy Award winning movie, “On the Waterfront.”
She could have won more than the one Academy Award
For best actress,
She could have been anything and everything,
But she chose relative obscurity, aged 26, for the love of a man
And the desire to be the mother of her family,

If she had ever survived
She would have been the subject
Of extensive ridicule, radiating
From the beacons of modernity,
Now, being dead,
She’s given a pass, mostly ignored,
As being a woman from a prehistoric time,

Personally, I first fell for the “famous Grace”
When I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”
With Jimmy Stewart,
I’m sorry she didn’t continue her movie career,
But proud that she had the spiritual integrity
To leave it all behind
For what she believed in,

My next door neighbors name
Is Grace Kelly, beloved garden gnome, esteemed dinosaur,
We rarely manufacture women of that persuasion

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