Evolution is an “abracadabra”, a wave of the wand,
Born of the fountain of all holiness,
If God ignited creation with pre-existent matter
What would be so wonderful?
Artists, carpenters and scientists do the same each day,
But God revealed his power
By startling the stubborn with a singular genesis,
All that is, in all its glory and immensity, came from utter nothingness,
Sticking in the craw of the hard of heart, boggling their minds,
Making them cry out in defiance;
In feeble attempts to neutralize the nagging notion within them
That God might really be true,

If genesis were perpetual,
Big bangs would be ongoing and commonplace,
Creation would be an every day event,
Petri dishes erupting with the dawn of original life would be passé
Outlandish forms of life would be born on dish rags and in swamps
And in our beings as every moment passed,
But genesis happened only once,
So humankind might be made humble and therefore wise
As regards it’s extraordinarily unique origin and design,

If humankind had been brought into existence to be puppets
Forever dancing on the strings of pre-imagined cartographic ideation
We would be no better than inanimate atoms in oblivion
Careening lawlessly through the cosmos,

But he gave us free will
And the freedom to choose Him
Or not,
Putting great value on our friendship
And our acknowledgment of his existence,
As he greatly desires our love;
Enjoying us
Unfolding in our endless creative glory,
Independent of his push,

The great irony is,
We are infinitesimally minute, almost nothing in the order of existence,
The Milky Way itself is almost nothing;
A mere speck on the vestiture of the cosmos,

But in the heart of God, which is beyond existence,
And has no mass,
Where there is no space or time,
We are the apple of His eye,

God is beyond earthly logic.
He does not think like we think,
He comes to us through divine revelation
Of which we are most fortunate to receive,
He is beyond reasoning and science,
Science itself an ever evolving
Meditation on love,

We are not God.

Chance is not God
Randomness is not God
Chance randomness is not God
Random chance is not God
Chance is not a blind god rolling the gice
That made everything,

All randomness is predetermined,
God is at once random and predetermined
Shapeless and confined to the corporeal
Visible and invisible
Comprehended and beyond comprehension
Alone and in many
Silent and forever spouting wisdom to the wise
Without end or beginning,
Nothing exists beyond the perpetual gaze of the Beloved,
Order is born through the lahar of the Almighty,
Yet all is predesigned randomness,
Perfection disguised as existence,
Beauty beginning and randomness ending,
Randomness ending and beauty beginning,

The stars are at once random
And at once hiding in oneness,
All randomness has order,
All chaos, a secret sequence,
The stars in the sky look as though
They’ve been scattered indiscriminately,
Yet when viewed from afar form galactic spirals,
The galaxies themselves form more immeasurable hyperwhorls,
Continuing on, and on,

It is forever trendy to deny God,
To become one’s own pope
And think this all a happy happenstance.
It’s forever trendy to think God a creation of man,
While not having any idea from where one’s own creation came,

Humanity loves trends, bandwagons, agendas, proclamations and parades,
And happily climbs aboard
With no clue as to where it all leads.
Then, when the cataclysm of true disaster strikes, as it inevitably does,
It returns to God
Because it realizes that only God
Can administer that which does not exist without Him,

The mercy it so desperately needs and it so desperately requires,
This mercy alone should be proof enough
That God is one’s source and one’s salvation,
But old sanskaras die hard,

Mercy is a good name for God,
His mercy endures forever.

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