For A Whiskey Drinking Lady


For A Whiskey Drinking Lady

I’ve already seen you
Intrigued by the dark
That bleeds brilliantly
From the molecules that emanate
From the shadow’s edge,

I’ve appreciated your nuance,
Fond of your your recklessness,
Wonder if it’s all just a show,
We’ve met at the core of the mystery,
Of which we’ve both shared
A few ardent slugs,

After all, you’re not a diamond girl,
And I’m all for the silver awakening
In your bag, in avoidance
Of all those expensive reds,
Now let’s meet
At the masterpiece
At the center of the garden of flowers and dreams,
By the galleries of redemptive anguish,
Let’s recite this beauty now,
Alternating lines,

I love your laugh,
Your floral array camouflage,
Your penchant for whiskey
Under the strawberry dawn
Moon drop sky,

Give me that line in you
That make’s you burn so god-damned bright.

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