It is fashionable to advise someone to breathe these days,
During a moment of crisis, during an interval of joy,
During sadness, fear, as preparation for some performance, you name it,
It’s almost as if by taking deep breaths,
One can conquer anything,

Though I subscribe to the concept that deep breaths are important,
Breathing alone does little to transform one’s zombie nature,
Superimposed into consciousness
By the cascading rivulets of modern culture, by the false,
By the seductive dance of illusion,

What we all innately long for
Is our homecoming with the divine;
Is a merger and ultimate resonance
With truth, the experience;
Is a transformation from the worldly
To the infinite, taking
What the yogis call pranayama – life force, breath,
And yoking it with the rhythm of existence,

We’ve become secular yogis with all this breathing,
But the yogis of old did not stop at breathing,
They included the quintessential naming of God,
God’s first word, his broken silence,
His initial advent,
As existence came to be,

Call on the holy spirit with every breath,
Inspire God,
The soul, your heart,
Whatever you want to call it,

Then you can conquer anything,

Hey Romeo!

One does not inhale mere air,
One inspires the very nature of God.

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