Brave New World


Brave New World

It’s probably a good idea
To unplug your cable, modem and router,
And to turn off
Any personal information rich
Devices you have on wifi or bluetooth
Whenever not in use for longer than an hour,
Because your private information
Is easily accessible,

Don’t sync anything
Unless you have to,
Don’t put anything private on the cloud,
Which is like putting it
On your next door neighbors computer;
A neighbor who just moved in,


Because the corporate masters
Who rule our one world government
Have decreed
That all their financial pit-bulls
Primarily Google and Apple
Track you, embed you, and corrupt you,
Not to protect you
But to control you
By controlling your money,
Like a wallet
They need to know where yours is
At all times
And they need to know every tiny detail about it,


Because if they can make you a slave
By accessing every twist in DNA (Both organic and financial)
They can own you,
They can have what’s yours,
To appease the one goal they see as the only sensible goal in existence,
Namely “MORE”
They’re in and out of your system
And their becoming increasing more aggressive,
And they don’t care
About any law you think protects you,

Don’t do anything habitually,
Bob and weave,
Find apps that erase
Access to your private information daily,
But be careful
Some of these so called apps
Do the exact opposite,
They report on you
Rather than protect you,

You may not think you don’t have anything to hide,
But they have no interest in invading your secrecy anyway,
They’re only interested in your money –
If you have anything of value,
They want control of it.

Oh, he’s paranoid,

Okay. Don’t forget I told ya so,

By the way,
I figured out why cigarettes are so addicting,
Because it’s nice to need
Something you can have.

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