Love Until It Hurts


Love Until It Hurts

Love is not only romantic,
It doesn’t always involve the thrill of courtship,
Marriage or consummation,
Or be a familial sort of love,
It is often a small, transparent kindness,
Especially when the kindness is inconvenient, aggravating,
Towards someone who has betrayed, or slandered us,
Towards someone we think doesn’t deserve it,
Or someone we don’t respect
Or even know,

In spiritual love we are giving to God,
If we give to the poor, the needy, the ugly,
The crippled, the elderly, the crazy, the hopeless,
The lost, or even the seemingly well adjusted,
Outwardly advanced person,
We are giving to God,

In emotional love
We are in pain because we might lose something,
Or don’t have something, and ask,
What can someone give to me
To complete this love?

In spiritual love we are in pain because
We are required to lose something of ourselves
And give that something to another,

The people around us are not just people,
They are each God’s special creature – having souls that God loves.
Who are we to despise any of them?

There are murderers who have repented on their last breath
Whom God has forgiven,
Who now hold a high place in heaven,

Because he was rejected,
And he was broken,
Because he was abandoned
And he was emptied
Because through every impediment imaginable
He emerged untarnished, pristine
In power and glory
To inspire humankind,
To release humankind,

He is a paradox,
He is a contradiction in terms,
He confuses us,
So that our thinking may become inadequate enough,
Numb enough, futile enough,
To discern what is true;
So that the many headed hydra of pride
Might tunicate
Our built-in capacity
For selfless love and service,

Love until it hurts.

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