Love Sick Cabernet


Love Sick Cabernet

What is the nature of desire?
Can it be inanimate?
Like the moon desires the earth,
Or the sun desires the sky?
Like the electron and proton
Become each other’s drama,
Wet with rudimentary awareness,
Mad to convey the meaning of being,

A little bit higher – passion,
Or even higher, crippling, unadulterated,
Realm rocking, love awareness freedom,
As the sacred source sacrifice
Of every secret incitement sparked In a billion stars beneath, below,
And above, the sleepless blanket
Of wistful, blue, goodnight Irene Time?

All just a case of lively hormones?

If so, What’s to prevent
The universe
From collapsing in upon itself,
In the slow inspiration of gravity,
Drunk on the tears
Of transcendental, magenta,
Love sick Cabernet,
In the empire,
An orgasm,
Male and female is the story
Of mixing consciousness,
Alighting the supernatural,
Finding the power,

The pineal drips,
The kundalini rockets,
The crown chakra blossoms,

But at the new mall’s gates of enlightenment
Lined with shops
That lubricate brains
With cleansing streams
And glorious fountains
Of impossible wine,
The kingdom of GOD is at hand.

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