Conquistadors Of Love


Conquistadors Of Love

I have seen the thousand jewels
Careen with a radiance and color
That would completely consume
And blind one to the world,
As well as the lizards and vermin that spawn
In the crevices, in their midst
Deceiving one who is great
Into darkness and perversion
When right at the brink of God,

The path is narrow as a razor
And is walked with severe trepidation,
The closer the goal
The more powerful the seduction
That would dissuade one,
Given a thimble of power
Man wants to rule the world,
Given a truck load
He only knows surrender

All praise to the divine
Who offers strength to shun the world,
All praise to the Master
Who oppresses us with grace
So we may love surrender and humility
And joyously accept our worldly demise

There is nothing we may understand –
Our single thread of hope is love,
Our last gasp is the Beloved

Oh great Divine Master in all
And beyond all,
You’ve blessed us with the manacles of existence
So we may know You,
You’ve graced us with the appetites of the world
So we may cherish futility
And embrace desperation

There is not a single speck that
Can be gained in this world,
But in You
We relinquish even ourselves and die,
Conquistadors Of Love!

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