If I am to be remarkable
May it be in the blessing
Of remarkable purity,
If I am to sing canticles,
Let them be the canticles of Divine Love,
And if I am to prattle onward with words
Let them be the chants of all longing

Let these hymns stem from
The tabernacle where manʼs beauty dawns,
Let the bright cloud and radiant darkness
Blind me to sensate perception,
Let me be destroyed in the land of Uz
If it meant I might fathom one fiber of You

If I am to be a monk
And it would speed my passage,
Let my monkshood be relegated
To the phenomenal world,
If I am to be a hermit and fast,
Let me fast with an abundant table spread
And let me be alone
In the clamor of my brothers and sisters

Let my deep sins transform to longings
And from longings to thoughts
And from thoughts
Evaporate to the sparse molecules of a fog
That might blind me to worldliness
And all its false kingdoms,
Then let the fog clear
So I might be alone with You
One suitable and faithful bride
Beautiful and devoted
Amidst this thick plane of allurements and false hopes

And if I am to be blessed with the grace to serve
Let me serve with the gentleness, fragrance
And subtlety of Your immaculate worship,
My Majesty
If I am to be anything
Let me be the rock
Of love for You!

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