Smart Assitus

makeitallupsotruly1Smart Assitus

At 6AM this morning I had a case
Of Smart Assitus,

Becoming sarcastic with a woman,
A supervisor at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles
Who laughed at me
With another worker
Because I reminded her that
These ten 75 lb. boxes
Were supposed to be ready at 6,
And it was now 6:10,
And I’m supposed to be 4 different places at 6AM,

She said,
“Well they’re not ready,
You’ll have to wait, duhhhhh”
As if I wasw a moron,

I started laughing along with her
In a caricatured manner
To out aggravate
Their laughter at me,
A clear case of Smart Assitus,
And it worked,

I told her I couldn’t wait
But I’d be back at 7:45 to pick them up,

When I got into the truck
I felt horrible for being such a smart ass,
So when I cam back at 7:45
And saw her, I apologized for my Smart Assitus,
Which is the name of a disease I coined today, I think,

She said, “That’s OK,
I just hate it
When I come in
And none of the work is done.”

I laughed and said,
“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

She didn’t respond as well as she should have,
And later I realized why,

By saying, “I know what you mean.”
Even though I didn’t mean it that way,
I might well have been referring to the fact that
At 6:10
The boxes weren’t ready for me,

I felt bad about that,
Later realizing it,

All of the women at the DMV have bad backs
So they can’t pick up any of the boxes,
So I do it,
Even though they make twice as much as me,
But don’t mind because its good exercise
And I only get back spasms

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