In Remembrance of You


In Remembrance of You

The world is full of liars
Thieves, cutthroats and murderers,

The politicians are, as always, corrupt
And power hungry,
Saints are led like kindergartners
To the candy stores of sweet, seductive poison,

Women have cut their own
While still in the womb!
They are no longer women
And no longer deserve the consideration
Of womanhood or motherhood,
They have made themselves competitors in the food chain,
While now thinking they are free,

The hyena rips the throat
Of a baby fawn with his gleaming, blood-lit teeth,
Never once giving thought to agony of his prey,

This is the world you’ve given us
And for this world you desire our adoration,

How can I blow my horn in celebration of your silence
When there are so many who are tortured?
Of what use are gloves
To a leper whose hands are eaten away?
Do I then try to fit one on his head
So he can croak like a rooster
In remembrance of you?

The angels now trumpet your grand arrival,
You have been awarded the key to creation
By the mayor of mayavic addiction,
You say thank you and open the door
But see only the desperately wounded,

If Your mercy did not exist
Would there even be a paradise?
Existence is rumbling with laughter
Or are those the spasms of unutterable pain?
The most beautiful of souls you’ve concealed
Within the torment of incarnation,

If I had but one wish
It would be to end eternal damnation
But without it would the Merciful Father have a name?

Meher Baba, Meher Baba
Was that a twinkle in the eye of the leper
At the point of my departure,
Or just the dawning of the sun
On the infinite horizon?

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