Zombie Kings

“PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES” Concept Art Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Zombie Kings

Details deepen the world,
Zombies lack details,
They only know composites,
They only react,
They don’t think,
They just eat and eat
Until every detail is lost,
And only the hunger remains,
Written in rivers of green and black blood
On the parchments of time,

It’s begun,
The Zombie Apocalypse,
Every Zombie has a story,
Take the counterfeit rulers
Of the dark kingdoms of the stone,
Patenting life, modifying genetics,
For the upper hand, for the grist,
For the Zombie rulers,
Making all that’s human
Slaves to the lords of blood;
Delegating the prime cuts of human steak
For their most pernicious of Zombie Kings,

Teeth chomping outward blindly
At the thicknesses of the night,
Making the darkness finally bleed,
This is the singularity,
When zombies turned,
From eating environments to eating people,
People who glisten dreamily
Within the animated salivation of their Master’s
Irrepressible corporate hunger-lust,
Spinning parsimoniously
With tainted delicacies
In the inner sanctum of the temple,
Where the arc blazes eternally,
And the flesh has become our soul.

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