It’s X-mas in America
No bells aloud to ring
An “X” is used in place of Christ
The neon angels sing,

“Deck the halls with holly
But put no manger here
‘Tis the season to spend money
On gifts of toys and cheer”

The government is now our God
Religion now our State
We are pure politically
And cleansed of pearly gates

Our heaven is our bank account
Our hell a lack thereof
And Jesus but a figment
Of a ghost we once called love

No Saint may be a Santa
No star unless decreed
As being good for business
And strengthening our greed

Jolly old Saint X-olas
Propelling through the sky
Is checking lists that let him know
Which fetuses must die

Another thrilling X-mas
Frozen stiff with greed
Across icy America,
A land that once was free.

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