Teleganda is blindness,
It numbs and neuters.
It needles the bulging purple veins of truth and authenticity
With the hypo-derma of docile dimensions

The new heroin of the masses
Teleganda anesthetizes with the drumming of pre-ordained politicos,
Of conciliation through the endless subwoofer of fear and submission –
It castrates the soul
And is the consummate puppet master –
And the puppets will dance forever
To the slightest stir of the pusherʼs fingers…

Would you think that subjection
To sex and violence is the culprit?
Would you choose a more sanitized system of indoctrination?

Sex and violence are the smoke screen,
The real culprit is camouflaged
And has names never mentioned –
Oe even invented,

The mental name is conformity
The physical name is slavery
And the spiritual name is “I donʼt know, and have no right to say”.

Teleganda transmits ganda without vision
It has become our mother and father,
Our spiritual advisor and confessor,
It has reduced its global herds to infantilism and adolescence,
It defines virtue. It defines fear.
It defines success and failure –
It is the religion of the new day
And its yoke is easy and its burden – light,
Miller Lite,

It is more influential than Christ
For it has condensed Christ into a “soup and sandwich” fiction
Written by male chauvinists who have injected
Their overly patriarchal imagination into the salvation of humanity

Teleganda is our modern shiny prophet,
Glittering with the new day American Gospel –
It is the shepherd leading the sheeple,
The pied piper of consumerism
Hypnotizing humanity down the primrose path of slavery
While all the time relishing the journey!
It tells us what and how to think
What to wear, how to eat –
How to raise our children
And who to support as a candidate for election…
And as if this were too risky a proposition
It has compressed candidates into identically garbled bitmaps
So that no matter who is supported
Teleganda remains
The consummate savior and enlightener

It is the tabernacle of mankind
Where billions pay homage
To the one governmental and syndicated electronic church,
Feeding on the life-blood of the soul
While spawning a culture of death as reciprocation

Then go watch some more CNN
Or call the 1-800 poets are just meant to be environmentally friendly line,
And report me to the hallucination engine for non-poetic behavior,

The most heinous and feared revolutionary act
An American can perform in 1996 America
It to turn off teleganda until the turn of the millennia,
Or have a community teleganda skeet shoot contest
Where hundreds of neighborhood telegandas are catapulted into the air
On the fourth of July
And brought down by heavy rocket fire –
And the winner gets to be the new local legislator,

This is a 1-800 call to save your children from
The toxic teleganda fix – the crack cocaine of the soul,
A call to have the strength to teach your children
Morality, modesty and charity at home
And not sacrifice them to a government sponsored propaganda program
Of rubbers, diaphragms, abortion, androgyny, sodomy
And the spineless, cosmic mush of shrug-shouldered agnosticism

A call to denounce the theologies and isms taught
By modern day, government syndicated moron hatcheries
Commonly referred to as the American education system –
A call to fight to destroy the framework of the mandatory
New high-definition 200 inch diagonal adoration device!

This is a call to save America from its engraved mirror reflection
Where shadows creep behind audacious glitz –
A call to truth – to truly educate
Rather than preparing a police state
And spin-doctoring the land of the free
Into a latter-day, new age penitentiary
Made of slaves and slave masters

This is a call to give our children a country they can call home,
That feels like a place where they belong
Rather than the endless nights of life as strangers, criminals and outlaws
In the struggle to save the human soul from descending
Into the black and noxious world of the prison keepers
Where the only loyal friend is the avatar of lies –
The shrines of teleganda…

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