Psychedelic Frog


Psychedelic Frog

Bright green frog,
Down Amazon way,

This frog is as big
As a bullfrog,
Yet slender, lean,
Not chubby, or bloated
Like the Bull,

Pure, bright green,

But what’s nuts
Is that it’s playful
Like a puppy,
It climbs all over you
Jumps on your head,
As friendly and funny as can be,
I guess making the huge mistake
Of not being afraid of humans,

But biologically,
When the frog
Gets threatened,
It excretes a poisonous,
Protective chemical substance
Out of it’s skin,

It also just so happens
It’s secretions contain DMT,
A powerful hallucinogen
That the human body produces naturally in the brain,
Some say crucial to consciousness,

So the shaman
Ties the frog up stretched out
Between 4 sticks by strings
Around its ankles and wrists,

To me, it reminded me
Of a little green person being crucified,
Or someone being drawn and quartered,
But perpendicularly,

And when this beautiful green frog
Was in sufficient agony and fear
The shaman
Scrapes off the psychedelic venom,

Then you burn yourself on the chest –
It looked like three cigarette burns,
And rub the venom in,
Throw up for hours.
And you have this huge purging,
Then sleep for around 8 hours,
But when you wake up,
It’s like you just put your soul
Through the ultra premium,
Supreme restaurant quality car wash,
Forty dollars
And your a new person,
Towel dried fresh,

It looked like
This puppy of a frog was being
Tortured for
The sake of a persons psychedelic experience,
Thank GOD they let
The frog go back
To his home in the jungle,
It takes 30 days for them to rejuvenate their poison,

I don’t know if there’s a psychedelic frog farm
In the U.S. right now,
But it might be a good business venture,
Always try to remember,
A safe frog is a happy frog.

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