I Am Love


I Am Love

I am the sun at dawn
That ends the night of lost hope
I am the rainbow after the storm
And the monastery amidst the chaos,
I am the love within and after the pain,
I am the forest, after the rain
I am the cause of all calamity, tragedy and agony,
And am their remedy
I am each atom in the illusion of creation,
The bond that holds creation
And the consciousness beyond creation,
I am the only cure, the only hope
And the great manufacturer of this wondrous dream
They call the world.
I am the doer, and the cause of all doing,
The thinker, and the cause of all thought
And I abound in the cessation of thought.
I am form and formlessness and beyond,
I am the lover and the beloved,
The mind is incapable of understanding me,

I am waves of total light
I will pierce the darkest night
All songs ever sung sing me
I will calm the raging sea,
The energy of God I am
The galaxy, the grain of sand
None too vast or small for me
Truth abounds when I am free,
I am body, I am soul
I am separate, I am whole,
I am the worm, and the hook
The fish, the fisherman and the brook,
One without identity
I am life alive in thee –
The sun and moon that sail above
I am Spirit, I am Love.

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