It’s good to be a little dumb, no problem,
Because usually dumbness metamorphoses into courage
For survivals sake
Or for the sake of love
And courage gives an experience of beauty
That intelligence can only envy

Thus the universal law of irony
Where deficits tend to evoke God’s beauty,
Where what’s ugly is charged mysteriously with the light of God

The twelfth law of thermodynamics states the following:

Irony is heat
And all ignorance, dumbness, ugliness, or sin
Are increasingly in transformation toward love

All chaos tends toward harmony,
Suffering toward bliss,
Randomness toward order
And all death toward life,

So that the grace of being
Is constantly unfurling
From initial whim to top quark
Like a seed to bud
And a bud to blossom
From the unknown to the known
From the dumb to the blessed
From the mystery to the revelation
Through the birth pangs of Creation
Which is all God’s joyous,
Generous play,

I have faith the size of a gluon,
But how many trillions of gluons in a mustard seed?
I am a neutrino animal of faith
And this machinery of glory is an elegant, artificially intelligent operating system
With a streamlined, liquid interface
Hacked incessantly by the King of Love,
Nirvana is but an infinite loop of unending paradise,

You’ve got to keep remembering – She hates you, Any other thought is just dangerous hope, Don’t let yourself Get carried away with wanting her again, To make a move, to be brave, To put it all on the line,
And to even willingly step over the line,
The very things she waits and prays for
From other guys, But keep reminding yourself of what it eventually Leads to, Her hiding, her silence, Her irreversible disdain, her gossip And of course, your hopelessness.

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