The Journey of the Soul

99bThe Journey of the Soul

Upon these winds we travel
Side to side,
A daily swinging pattern
With patterns as our guide toward liberation –
We nestle in the comforts and the labors of a life
Directed by the mappings of tradition
Where we find our freedom,
And where concealed by the power in a way
We spawn the origins of our pain

Upon these winds we travel
Dream to dream,
Night seeps in, and day breaks quickly, and more quickly,
Though life seems not to end –
Yet shorelines hasten romance
With the moon
And men and women meet and part
Like rhythms in a tune –
And meet again
For rhythms end and start too soon
For those who take each parting moment
As a harbinger of death

Upon these winds we travel
World to world,
We die to life to be reborn
If not by suffering’s will
Then by the will of time,
We finally learn the limits of the mind,
We come to tell the transience of life
From Eternity untold
And transmigrate to realms beyond, and then beyond,
Or back again
To incarnation – all
To make aware the journey of the Soul.

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