Lonesome for Your Love


Lonesome for Your Love

The Aurora Borealis blossoms,
To an intergalactic rendition of Mozart’s Requiem,
Across the backdrop of infinity, fusion, a reality,
No more dependence on the depletion of our planet,
Cancer, cured,
The world’s billions fed and healthy,
There’s no longer need to subjugate others
For wealth, everyone is wealthy,
The New Age is upon us and within us,
The Kingdom of God is at hand!
Nano synaptic diodes have tamed the human mind
Enough to “make pure” the most sordid of hearts,
Enabling a person to be able to “dial an emotion”,
At will,
Death has been found to be a curable disease
And is now vanquished,
Transdimensional travel is in vogue,
Everyone is expected to make an occasional pilgrimage,
The conquistadors of the inner realms
Mine love in heaven
And bring back realization as if it were candy,
We are now beings of light,
Ageless, unaffiliated,
Almost One being,
As we were from the beginning,
Silence was outlawed as a weapon
14,000 decades ago, but we got over it,
The Himalayas’ are now
Glimmering with summer homes,
As 3 moon sized planets
Revolve around the earth, thriving with life,
Careful not to undermine the methodology of the Sun,

Even so,
The hint of ruination subsists in my heart,
At betrayal’s behest,
And the remnants of a devastating loss linger on,
I am, as always,
Lonesome for your love

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