Is God ever offended?
Are we ever offended by our children?
Yet God is God,
We color him with the rainbow paints gathered at the dawn of time,
But he is beyond existence
And beyond the beyond of what is, ever was, or will be

When our universe burst forth
It was the Almighty’s initial whim that cascaded outward
In endless glory

We say “initial whim”
But we might as well say “initial guffaw”

From utter, complete, pristine silence “all that is” came,
From nothingness was born the endless everything

We might as well not call God God
Because just thinking about him or mentioning him
Limits him

It is better to approach him with humble awe
And receive his grace
Than to gird him
With intricate preconceptions
However breathtaking and multifaceted

All preconception about God is misconception

It is true what the atheists say,
That we’ve made God in our own image,
That is the way of the human creature,
But we should never use human frailty or limitation
As an excuse to deny the existence
Of the one whose pure mercy alone
Sustains us with his gaze.

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