Careful What You Wish For (A Love Poem)

oo3Careful What You Wish For (A Love Poem)

I’m astounded when I hear people say,
“Careful what you wish for”
Like just a mere wish
Would make some great longing, some great union,
Or some magical manifestation,
Come true,
And on top of that,
Can somehow be regretted once gained,

It’s like I’m listening to an ancient, unintelligible language
That everybody understands
But me,

Here’s my take on it,

“Careful what you wish for,”
Because that just means
You’re never going to get it,

In my experience, that’s more realistic,

Like my beloved mom used to say to me,
“Wish in one hand
And shit in the other
And see which one gets filled up first,”

I have to tread carefully however,
I have to whisper,
I don’t want to infuriate Captain Karma;
The Lord’s own right hand man,

After all, I have been given quite a bit,
I live in virtual luxury
Compared to most people on the planet,
Living a relatively relaxed life,
I have health,
Food, a home, clothing,
I can write freely, I have toys,
Vehicles, oxygen, indoor plumbing,
Electricity, entertainment,
Even an occasional glimpse of the divine,
I’ve been given life, I’ve been given my next breath,
And I say thank you for it every day,
It’s not that I’m ungrateful,

I’ve even gotten many things I’ve prayed for,
And never once did I regret having any of them,

Here’s what I wish for
Without fear,

And that would be the consummation of a love
That sings the soul to heaven,
That makes every particle of one’s being
Ache with the fear that it might not come true,
With the fear of its possible loss,
A union, that when consummated,
Has one walking on the clouds
In ecstasy,
Giving a satisfaction, contentment, peace,
And a love beyond compare,

Isn’t that the reason for life?
To know real love?

I probably wish for too much, or wish wrongly as they say,
And so comes the prayer,
Thank you God for everything you’ve given me,
And everything you’ve denied me,
And, “It’s better to have loved and lost, than blah, blah, blah,”

How about to have loved and won,
How about that for once?
A wish I still hope for,
And one I’m still headed for,
Because what would be the meaning of anything else
If that weren’t true?

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