May I have a cup of your coffee?
It doesn’t matter what kind,
Maxwell house would be fine,
As long as you’re inside,

I was thinking about this one today out in the gazebo,
Smoking a cigarette, which I never do,
Not very hungry,

The last thing in the world
I would ever want to do
Is make you uncomfortable,
In fact,
My goal is to make you so happy
That you love me,
My problem is;
And it’s bigger than you think,
I won’t settle for anything less,

What do I want from you?
I want you to be my wife
And I want to be your husband,

Now, If that doesn’t scare you away,
Nothing will,

I suppose I’ll never see you again

As much as I know
And I know allot,
I know very little
And it gets me into trouble
All the time,

I just wanted to make sure,
You had a thorough understanding
Of what you were rejecting,
So we could safely assume
That it wasn’t your ignorance
That rejected it.

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