Schenectady, New York

Fall FrontierSchenectady, New York

Walking down Broadway in Schenectady
Just before dawn and a new year
I noticed the frozen 50’s feel
When General Electrified the city
And the locomotive forged the rail,

The houses are like they were then
Only frozen and older
Only the banks are young now,

Walking down Broadway in Schenectady
Everything was aged and grey,
Forty years can take its toll on anything
But especially on the poor and forgotten,

The houses slept a drugged sleep
And would wake up without refreshment
Walking on Broadway in Schenectady
I was the one to be feared

I knew that if I wore my maroon knit cap
They’d be afraid of me,
I have nothing to fear,

A man with a beard and a knit cap in Schenectady
Is a dangerous thing,
A young, big man,

Who knows what I’d want to rob, rape or pillage,
Who knows I might be a drug crazed sex fiend
Just out from jail – looking for a score,
Or to rape a woman,
Like on the many and relentless TV shows
That make us all afraid and hateful and mistrustful of each other
Like on the daily evening news,
Not anymore, you can’t trust anyone any more,
And especially a lone bearded man with a maroon knit cap
In Schenectady, New York,
Where the streets are so old and grey
They look clean, clean of people,
Clean of life.

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