We are wayfarers in constant search
Of you,
In succumbing to evil
We invite misery into our existence,

Yet, we still have opportunities to accept
The abundance of mercy
You always have stored away for us,

You greatly desire our freedom, happiness
And dignity,
But the only hope we have
Is to surrender to you,
The answer to everything,

All other roads are dead ends
And a waste of time and effort,
The cul-de-sacs of the material realm
Loop us around and around, again and again,
In repetition of the same futility,
And the streets are all one way,

I look to traverse the freeway
That leads to the wedding feast at the shoreline,
Where perpetual celebration is the order of this day
Of marriage,
And we are intoxicated with the divine wine of perpetuity,

Hold fast to the pierced feet of Jesus, the Savior,
For his is the most advanced galactic positioning system
In the cosmos,
As his guidance is sure,
And his aim –

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