Everything Is Perfect

sdgvlllEverything Is Perfect

Don’t take any wooden nickels,
Well, actually now, it’s
Wiser to take the wooden nickel. They’re rare,
And probably today worth a fortune,

Scratch that then: Instead,

Take all the wooden nickels
You can get your hands on,

Santa Claus is not real,
Well, then again,
He may be very real, not on the physical plane,
But in the spiritual realm, remember Saint Nicholas?
Where the real gifts are given?
And your new home might be? And to
Set up future GODSMACK
With a pertinent allegory?

Scratch that then, instead,

Santa Claus is very real,

Everything is fixed
And also broken,

Technically correct, however,

That the sky is blue is not the point,
Raise your hand –

Who here has listened
To the stars calling?

Scratch that, then,

Everything is perfect,

We are energy!

Jumping, whipping wires
Of snaking, exploding consciousness,
Spines, nerves and brains,
We can’t stop it,
We can’t start it,
It just runs though us
Like a wild, invincible river of light,

Gushing beyond
The fictive boulders of presumed reality,
Like an endless barrage,
Like nuclear fission fusing, coiled,
Rocking, flaring, brimming,
Kundalini rising immortal one,

Sheer life!

Yet, if today we were to know
Even a scintilla of a shadow of GOD’s silence,
We’d be crushed into nothingness
By love.

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