Ultimate Nothingness


Ultimate Nothingness

If there is no life after life,
Why would anyone care about anything?

If we are an accident,
Then there’s no meaning to anything;
Then all effort is meaningless,
Except for the serving of oneself,
And the fulfillment of ones happiness
Through quenching the hungry fires of material existence,
Then gone, no memory, nothing?

If we are merely
An infinitesimally small wink of a scintilla
In the face of time,
What’s the point?

Then even our devotion to our children
Means nothing,
They’re just another tiny speck of dust
In the endless wave of time,
Destined for ultimate nothingness,

Then morality is senseless,
Then cruelty, murder
Or any form of debauchery
Becomes an option to consider,
Can be rationalized, or justified
Because it doesn’t make any difference!

I’m forever listening
To godless people
Proclaiming how religion
Is the world’s biggest problem,

I think it’s humanity’s lust, anger, greed, pride
And inherent evil,
That is the world’s biggest problem,
And what people hate the most about religion,
Is that it makes rules for behavior
That aren’t just self-serving,
But require sacrifice,
The occasional pointing of the finger inward,
Rather than outward
All the time.

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