There’s No Crying In Martyrdom

martyrsThere’s No Crying In Martyrdom

The priest at Mass the other day
“Martyrs don’t complain,”

I took it to mean,
There’s no crying in Martyrdom,”

But if things get really bad,
You are aloud private tears,
But not to ever be seen,

Even Jesus on the cross, said
“Father, why have you forsaken me?!”
GOD questioning GOD?

Forsaken is like forgotten, only worse,
More personal, more serious,
A lot more at stake,
Everything could be lost,

Martyrs are not only those who have died for GOD,
But those who have lived for GOD too,
To live for GOD by dying for GOD,
And I mean that spiritually
So we can be a martyr either way –
It’s something to shoot for,

But of course, in today’s modern understanding
Of the word “martyr”,
It’s a disrespected state of being
That has nothing to do with GOD,

“A person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort
Or distress
To try to garner sympathy or admiration.”

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