The Language Of Freedom

poetsThe Language Of Freedom

A poem can be a painting, a dream,
A disaster, a dynasty,
A sculpture, a scripture,
A masterpiece, an epic,
A ditty, a dirge, a dirigible,

A casual display of reverent, respectful beauty,
A holy ghost, a personification, a treatise,
A castigation, a calamity, a notice,
A silence, a song,
A realization, a meditation, an atom, a galaxy,
A gala,
A wine shop, a rustling wind, a litany,
A lambasting, a confessional, a prayer,
A protest,

Or nothing at all,

It’s the only form of art
One can make to be anything,
And that’s why people continue to write them,

But in the end
A poem is just another name for hope,
In another language called freedom.

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