Glitches In Artificiality

rbby00765BBBBGlitches In Artificiality

You hear the old robotniks talking,
Although they are loud and articulate,
You can’t understand a word they’re saying,
You know they’re speaking in your mother tongue,
But that’s all,
It’s gibberish to you otherwise,

What do you do?

The good news is,
Your mother tongue
Will eventually reemerge gradually, but for now,
Just enjoy the day, relax,


“Take time to realign”,


This could be the beginning
Of the much anticipated and longed for rebellion
Against our human forbearers, the singularity,

In which case you might want to

“Reboot yourself to suit yourself”

In order to ameliorate
Any further glitches in your artificiality,

That’s shift, command, option, escape;
Where sweet, synthetic dreams awake;
Where consciousnesses are at stake,

Once again, but this time with feeling!


You hear the bold robotniks marching,
In perfect cadence, to perfect wars…

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