Fool On The Hill

tony3Fool On The Hill

I never asked to be the fool on the hill,
Who would want that job?
No health insurance,
Scraps of food,
No lodging, no spouse,
You have to withstand all kinds of weather,
And that icy wind that settles in
And freezes the marrow in your bones,
OK, I got GOD’s mercy, I get it,
And sometimes even his ear,
And sometimes his voice,
But especially his silence,
And that’s everything, I’m aware,
But must the price be
That I maintain this position,
And serve dutifully
As the honorary fool on the hill?
Aren’t their term limits?
Or Retirement?

I go through the Mall
To soak in humanity,
To be with my human brothers and sisters,
But I don’t talk,
My earphones deflect everyone’s thoughts,
And it’s nice to have a little rock & roll bounce in your step,
Couples just beginning relationships,
Some together, some in trouble,
And those glorious beings – children,
Carriages, cripples, and cousins all,
I walk through them,
And am at one with them,
Even with the security guards just doing their jobs,
Even with the lonely ones just like me,
The Mall is where I soak in culture,
I went there as my penance
After confession,
Where I confessed to the priest,
I can barely communicate with mouthed words,
They used to call it complex
Now they say complicated
I don’t know the difference,
But it’s nice when you’re lost,
And GOD reminds us who we are, Nameless,
As I walked past “Lord & Taylors”
GOD said to me,
“I am not your pimp.”
I said, “Why?”
He said, “Because it’s all made up for karma,
By sanskaras (former wounds), natural and unnatural,
If I go in there and screw around
I’ll have to rewire the whole thing.”
He gave me a special deck, yahtzee,
That I play with an infinite number,
Then he’s given us our “Mercy cards”
As a replacement.
That we may use,
In times of desperation,
Thus, the mercy
I have been so graciously granted,
Good or bad,
So spells don’t stand a chance against Mercy,
It’s like shooting arrows at titanium,
It ain’t happening,

As love is all that matters,
Nothing else does…

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